It is reasonable to expect that an aligned organisational will perform better than one that is less aligned. Misalignment is also easily recognised. So it ought to relatively easy to see where the issues are and fix them. Yet organisations clearly struggle to do this, especially in way that is sustainable. Attempts at organisational change tend to result in short-lived benefits or fail entirely.

The material on this website could be of use to you if you are interested in changing your organisation for the better in a sustainable way or understanding why your attempts at improvement aren’t working as well as you expect.

The term alignment refers to the way organisational elements are related to each other such that each element enhances the functioning of the others, i.e. the sum is greater than the parts. Operational alignment refers to the parts of the organisation working well on a day-to-day basis. Strategic alignment, on the other hand, is about improving the effectiveness of the organisation so it is better positioned to achieve its vision.